I hope you have another table cloth,
Cause I just spilled my guts all over this one,
And she said hey kid,
"You're going nowhere fast"
Don't drag me down with you,
You're on a sinking ship and you're the

Captain bring me home,
You've taken this too far,
You've taken this too...

I know that you're better off without me,
Cause I know you're happier than ever,
We've come so far, but somehow you're still at the start.

Breaking hearts is going out of style
But you still wear it so well (You still wear it so well),
And she said
"Hey Joe, you'll never live this down."
Stand up for yourself,
And don't pay attention to the things she says to you,
You know she meant it all,
You know she meant it

We could have had it all,
This time we'll make it home.
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Welcome To The End Of Your Life Lyrics

Casual Wish – Welcome To The End Of Your Life Lyrics