Consider this me calling you out,
I've had a few setbacks but I'm back and better than ever,
Hunny you say you can make it rain,
But I can bring thunder to the brightest of days,
You've gotta learn your place or just tell it to my face,
I never though it'd be this easy but I'm gone without a trace,
Baby I've got all day so say what you wanna say,
Save it for the dirt, cause you're digging your own grave.

I know why you're leaving,
You sold me out,
Don't tell me where you're going,
You sold me out.

Maybe we crossed that bridge too early,
I was waiting till we got there,
You are weaker than I thought.

I think that the truth is you realized you're scared,
And I've come to realize I'm someone who cares way too much.

I'd bite my tongue,
Cause you were a liar when you were younger,
Girls like you make up or make out,
It always comes to this and my,
Heart attack - take me back,
Give me one more try, I hope you see him tonight,
Baby put some ice on his black eye,
Cause I'm leaving town tonight.
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I Spoke Too Soon Lyrics

Casual Wish – I Spoke Too Soon Lyrics