Born in the times of corruption & greed
Where life lost its sense and people are weak
Killing each other for a piece of power
They're condemned and sentenced to suffer

Is it a generation of fools?
No way for radical improves
Brains are washed so perfectly
Nobody sees the striking discrepancy

Every truth has a small part of lie
And every lie has a small part of truth
We live in a world of deceit
Where no one can live without this false shit

People are trying to sell their souls
For a bullshit called "money of fools"
Look behind the walls of deception
See your life in other approximation

World of lies
Hear the cries
Dying minds
Of bleeding hearts

Feel the pain
The perfect disdain
Your mind tries to reach
A superior aim

No one accepts
Others attack
Only the strong survives
In this unbelievably hard life

Narrow-minded mass of fools
Leads us to self-annihilation for sure

Terror of minds everywhere
Myopic visions, total despair
Devotion is lost forever
Collapse is near, be clever

Return your talent of thinking
To the level it belongs
Ignore all kinds of pressure
Be the one who never fall

The wisdom you want to reach
By exploring fields of science
Never to be achieved
Without the iron will & fire in your heart
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Walls Of Deception Lyrics

Castrum (Ukraine) – Walls Of Deception Lyrics