Clashes are foretold, inner fire to behold
Heart commandment, hands' adjustment
The intellect of black eyes, of "South-North" is sunrise

Uncontrolled situation, with silent obligation
Harmony corrupted, quietness abrupt
Walls of bodies' stand, circle of gods to amend
Creating obscurity, breaking impurity
Pride was once seen, through lust so keen
This flesh is the last, for desert is too vast
In craving for ignorance, no place for tolerance

No will to redeem, this rule is so supreme
Dreams apart, the pain to thwart

Coldness attained, slavery not obtained
The only point to trust, is the feeling to be aghast

Never Ending Error [x2]

Nefarious horde, emotion being lord
Betrayers identified, wishes sanctified
Desires far not gentle, becoming deeply parental
During aeons everlasting, truth has been blasting

Sun's darkness, moon's brightness
Nothing to be converted, everything is perverted...
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Never Ending Error Lyrics

Castrum (Ukraine) – Never Ending Error Lyrics