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What Happen To Dat Boy Lyrics

Cassidy – What Happen To Dat Boy Lyrics

Its cassidy i push them pies, and i, kiss da girls and make them cry i, stay on da block i don't play on da block, i got yay by da k on da block, im out here everyday on da block, puttin white in da coffee like a cafe on da block, and I'll let that thing spray on da block, for sing thing, 2 bring da a.k on da block,ugh, and if u try me get bodied clown, i push your grill to the side like bobby brown, ugh, i heard they plottin to rob me now, cause im gettin loot, got more birds then a chicken coop, i got plenty gunz, i cop so many gunz i still got ones i aint get to shoot, and i ripped da booth, I'll have ur whole group on my dick like"cass yo your shit da truth", and i aint ugly so i need a chick just as cute, witta couple tats gap like a missin tooth, what u aint get da scoop, im dat same nigga on that bigga business beat before you get to snoop, salute da general back, i keep a gat by my genitals, this criminal rap, i throw my young boi's mineral packs, and give them all identical gats hold dat, so when i start clappin at that boi, da law never find out what happen to dat boi, nigga
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