Yea yea da hustla lost in the family

Then awards rapper usally brin home I didn't get cause I ain't shit and I sell enough ring tones you can't be da king on the thrown unless you mess with nells I'm not a ho-moe so I don't respect to sell I expect to get respect fuck records sells if a nigga disrespect me he can catch his shels but da first degree you get da death pentley or life with out posibly that means death in jail unless you tell in rat on somebody in put your body on somebody shit dat a probaly help but if you snitch just body your self put the crome to your on dome in hoomy your self man my style so smooth dat my trile made the news I came home and spent a couple 100 thoud on some jewls I'm a pimp but I don't rock crocdile shoes I a pop a to and make a nigga crocidile fool

Verse: yea yea what
I'm steady grindin steady rhymin steady pufin steady drinkin steady thinkin steady hustlin chicks niggas tryin to get I'm alrady fuckin I'm stedy pipin you steady wifin steady cufin dog you just barkin talkin very tufin catch a case and start talkin lik teady ruskman homie said he had a body but I bet he blufin he don't clap lead dat cat just a crackhead and dat shit right there leave cats dead I don't fuck with dat I'm just a hase and con yack head I use to stack bread before da head was dat big that's why you hear my music bumpin like black heads I don't think rap dead but cass just done it wrong I don't know what be goin on when he done da song I don't know why he even put dat verse on the song he probaly high and dat shit he be doin strong he been move out the hood he been gone to long he don't know wats popin of dat nigga cop is soft but I'm from philly we really letin the choopers of you keep claimin you hustla who you coppin of or how coppin from you what you nokin of you don't sell nothin but records nigga nock it of your girl mock me of yea I knock her of and yall start kissin like write after I drop her of

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A Milli Lyrics

Cassidy – A Milli Lyrics