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Gun You Down Tonight Lyrics

Cassidy – Gun You Down Tonight Lyrics

So tired of the frontin now it's all on the pride.
I hustle from the bottom and I'm still on the grind
My only way is forward it aint stopin me try
And I'm gonna gun you down tonight.
It's all about respect you disrespectin my stride see
Now I'm gonna check you and you may not survive my only
Way is forward aint no stoppin me try and I'm gonna
Gun you down tonight tonight tonight. I'm gonna gun you down

Jag: fuck I'm about cash I'm from the school of hard
Knocks you out fast errthing come out yo mouth trash.
Use to bein in the hole like a mousepad and now I'm
Surfin through them house ads.
Jag hoppin out jags and every obstacle I outlast.
You aint gonna treat this boy like a outcast.
Hell no fo' I sell out I sell sno,
Judge already paid nigga fuck I need bail for?
Me and hood junes copin shoes compin melrose.
Money talk make it look like heaven in this hell hole.
That's just how it is huh drop a little cheese on em.
I see e on her I see me on her.
Call yo friend a bitch?
? Me hood and cash runnin 3 man weaves on her.
You kno what that mack bout bitches up in that house.
Nigga holdin macks out. Waitin for you to back out.
Soon as you act out take you the backhouse.
Legs shot chest shot make it blow yo back out.
Stay around hella hoes cribs like the cathouse.
Twistin all heads to the ball till they past out.
Cause you only live once then you cash out.
If you aint goin trough it now then you assed out.
Check it, I'm just sayin the facts I been the best I
Was playin the back that keep change.
They say this rap shit failed we need change got me
Wonderin while labels keep lookin at me strange.
Cause I aint from a big ass gang wit street fame.
Cause I aint got a big ass chain like t-pain.
Well I mean it though this aint the game I got the
Meanest flow hot every season o errbody breathin O.
I wont stop cause the top is where I need to go see
I'm addicted to this crack man I need to blow.
Logically you aint hot as me I'm spittin prophecies.
Like an einstien philosiphy when I roc da beat.
Heavy on that jag shit streets need a new sound.
See even vince carter ready for some magic so far ahead
You aint ready for my last shit overnight average I'm
Classic... Jag. I make stadium music we takin ova homes
I lost me fam real lif souja homes.
Twenty two you kno it's on I kno how to hold a chrome
Tell em shop anywhere life is like a mobile home.
Stylin in a coop cute shoes lookin overgrown.
I kno how to post it on kill the game ova gone.


I'm crazy and deranged my mindframe is insane I'm.
Rich cause I pitch caine and rhyme at the same time.
The game fam it's gametime.
So throw yo l's in the air like it's a gangsign.
A ganga times I came on yo babymom.
Evertime she not watchin yo son it's c** stain time.
I stay high I got hangtime you got sticks and seeds
In ya weed we don't smoke the same kind.
It's gon be hard for yo lungs to contain mine.
Cause I blow is haze you blaze the lower grade.
I'm underrated but I'm overpaid and if 30s the new 20
Imma rap till I'm hova age.
I'm fightin for the top spot I could flow for days.
Cause even bacon and sausage will fight ova eggs.
You so afraid you aint got no heart I'm in the club wit
My diamonds on poppin open ace of spades.
Poker deck coke get stretched and cake get made.
If you try to walk in my shoes you prolly break yo
Legs. I'm hotter than a fat man gettin chased in the
Suade. Sweat pants a mink coat and a cotton hat.
On top of a stocking cap who hot as that.
And I'll pop a gat and air you out like you got a flat.
No I'm not a rat and I done sold a lot of crack.
I'm from philly but I'm really where ever the dollas
At. I'm not exaggeraten I just bought a house on the
Block that wont even pop up on the navigation.
I aint fabricaten or makin up shit dog you aint in
My pedigree you on some mutt shit.
I'm on some red nose pit bite you the fuck up shit.
I'm on some tie you up shit slice you the fuck up shit.
You on some nut shit ridin on a nigga balls.
Pause aint no room left in a nigga draws I got this
Chick I mess wit yeah da bitch a boss.
We ran through more snow den mr and mrs clause I sold
Dumb work but my freedom come first I wanna put in
Gun work but gotta put my sons first.
Cass said dad will da bloods kill blues clues I hope
The crips don't kill clifford cuz he a cool dude.
And will dey force diego to join da latin kings my
Son five he tryna learn what shit actually means it's
Tough cuz how da fuck you posed to answer dat he ask
Questions dats hard for me to answer back but cancel
Dat ima switch da topic different subject I'm down wit
A denver nugget and da bitches love it it's like I played
For da denver nuggets bigger budgets,
Bigger cribs, bigger cars,
Bigger dutches, bigger diamonds and bigger guns you niggas
Suckas I run da town wen I'm around I cause a bigger
Ruckus cuz I ball like dem and 1 mufuckas and I keep
My hand on my handgun mufuckas you a damn dumb mufucka
My thang bang like travis barker on a damn drum mufucka... I'm
Done mufucka
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Songwriters: Jefferson Zn, Rhaissa Cristina Alves França
Gun You Down Tonight lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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