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You Already Know Lyrics

Cassidy – You Already Know Lyrics

(feat. Beanie Sigel, Fabolous & Swizz Beatz)

Cass and Beans you bitch ass niggas
Philly pistol bangin we gon make'em pay

You already know (you already know)
It's the boss of all bosses
Well repected, reputation flawless
Street record, no losses
Movie on my life it's a toss up between spike and tarentino
Well connected like Nicodemo
Skinny Joey, uhh, come on you niggas know me
Capo de cape need work get at me
One four deuce in amsterdam

Ask ya man

I'm on the hill all day, gettin it the long way
Hicks on broadway call me poppy [?]
Now move bitch

Get out the way, ay
Da hustla home I know the game missin me (Come on Cass)
Me and B Mac on the track, (Beans) the game history
Picture me lettin these bitch niggas get to me
You could use my life to write a murder mystery
And my fist a lil crystally
My watch on freeze I got more cheese than lil italy (Philly stand up)
And you ain't got a coin, ya checks go boing
I get change, big chain hang to my groin
And I could go to the car lot in a hard top
And pull another coupe off jag wit the soft top
I'mma take the roof off I don't do the sun roofs
And I chrome the boots off dawg I got dumb loot
Yo Mac tell'em how hard niggas go

It's State pen, foster fest
They already kno

You got beef than watch ya back
You already know
Stand up niggas never act yo
You already know
You gotta keep ya enemies close
You already know
And neva leave home without toast
You already know
Real niggas do what they want
You already know
Bitch niggas do what you told
You already know
You gotta play the hand you was dealt
You already know
Two real niggas livin by the code man
You already know

You niggas already know how me and Cass get down

Nigga ask around

Shit we'll lay a nigga casket down

Man i'll grab the ruger smoke'em like a bag of buddha

Naw Cass just throw'em off the roof

Like a parachuter

Yea lets see if he gon land on his face or his feet

But Mac I could just take the heat put his face on the street

Or you could take the back of the gat try breakin his teeth

Or I could hit'em wit the piece that could wake the decease
I'll call the chopper
Earthquakin be shakin the street (what else)
I touch ki's I push bass like I'm makin the beat (you already know)

Slow down Cass ya killin'em
Take it easy on'em

Naw Mac I'm not feelin'em

Well fuck it, it's Mac and Cass
Back-to-back like Mac and Brad
Fuck these fake as rappers half these niggas fags
Designer back packs, tight clothes dressed in drag

Tried to hop up on the track look like extra swag

I'm the truth in the booth
Mac could bust that ass
Cass a best on the beat
Yea i'll crush that ass

And I'm fa sho wit the flow (Who that?)
Ghetto fab (F-A B-O)
I keep the meter on the dash like the yellow cab
Wings on the hood, b's on the pedal tabs
It's Bentley Beans then it's Continental Cass
Flyin spur Fabo on the collabo
I'm like zab-do when I let the jab go
In the lab yo word players like scrabbo

Yo Fabo you ain't bad with the vocab yo
I bag snow and blow strawberry dro
Cass it is what it is you already know


You already know [x4]
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