Hear the sound of the autumn rain fall down
Feels different now
Now that the Indian summer's gone
And I wanted so badly to believe
That things might somehow work for you and me
But summer takes my hope away with it

I'm so sick of putting so much faith in this
Of thinking you're the one
And waiting till our hiatus is done
Staying wrapped around your finger does me no good
Don't want to let go but I know I should
And summer takes my will away with it

So I'll try to put this to bed at the end of the day
I'll try to lay you to rest and make the change
Here's hoping you'll go away
Here's hoping you'll stay

My heart spins
Leaving me in the same place again
Tired of spinning of my wheels
Tired of the way this feels
And as long as I can't this I'll stay right where I am
Broken hearted and half the man I used to be
Torturing myself with the memories
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Lay You To Rest Lyrics

Casey Stratton – Lay You To Rest Lyrics