Gone is the sense of safety
I'm on the edge of a cliff
I'm tossing my love over
Listening for the sound of impact
Scenes shown with your projector
Images focused on the memory
You and I in circles
Over and over

I need you to let me go
This is the only place to hide
So you turn me around to face
My certain disgrace is here now

Can you remember back then?
We used to click into each other
Thought it would be so easy
To live in harmony
But time played a nasty trick
Years brought on a bitter taste
I didn't see it coming
So I denied it

Silly me so used to having my way
I couldn't contain my surprise
Funny me so used to knowing what to say
I couldn't remain in something that would suffocate my passion
And kill my pride
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Projector Lyrics

Casey Stratton – Projector Lyrics