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The Courtroom Lyrics

Carman – The Courtroom Lyrics

If tonight you stood in heaven's court;
To seek eternal favour...
Would you face Jesus Christ as Judge;
Or face Him as your Saviour?
There are many who don't quite know for sure;
What that verdict would be...Ever...
So lets imagine for a moment
You are standing dead center...
In the Courtroom of Forever...
Sitting before you is a structure;
Massive and intense.
It's here where your fate will be determined;
Before this Judge's bench...
Then a voice booms:
"This Court's now in session."
And your adrenaline starts to rush.
Peering down with eyes;
That see through your soul..
Is God the Father, your Judge.
Then off to your left;
Across the room...
Is the virtual sillouette of sin.
Stepping out of the shadows of condemnation;
Your worst nightmare walks in.
On his face is the smirk of evil incarnate;
His mind fixed on your destruction in Hell.
You've just been introduced to you prosecuting attorney;
None other than Satan himself.
The Bible says he's the accuser of the brethren;
So guess what he's gonna do.
He's gonna accuse you of your sins;
And he knows them all...Both the old ones and the new.
He's prepared his case for years;
Now the golden moment is his.
So in arrogance he presents his case to the Judge;
And it comes out sounding something like this...
"God, you see this worthless piece of trash over here!
This one is a sinner to the core! This one's commited adultery,
Cursed his neighbors, stolen money, been into drugs, alchohol
And even more! This hopeless wretch has even slammed his friends!
And by the guilty face, this courtroom can tell. That through immoral
Incertainty beyond
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