Blood loss has been bringing me down,
And I can't go home after I burnt it all down.

Swimming all day, and into the summer,
You said it'd be better off if I just drown,
I haven't been home in such a long time,
Woke up today, realized I was already there.

Growing up so distant to reality,
Did it ever give a fuck about me,
Under the smog of the refineries,
That's where you were supposed to be.

All the late nights you're counting hours,
And in the morning you still feel undone,
You put your dreams in an hour glass,
But they won't stand still while the sand rolls past.

Hold tight memories. Embrace the fear.
Don't cling to pictures that were never there.
And if there's one thing I could ever say,
It's that I hope that you will be okay.

For every wall that was torn down,
We can build it stronger on our own,
For every misfire, we will hit twice,
Because we were never in this alone!
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This Ship Will Never Sink Lyrics

Captain Sparky – This Ship Will Never Sink Lyrics