We follow the tracks in the snow,
Past drained out forties and discarded clothes.
Tried to step in you prints but my boots didn't fit,
Sometimes I still pretend that I know how to swim.

And from a rusted steel cage, under twisting concrete,
Montreal depaneurs and water soaking my feet,
On a busted freight train never made it back home,
No fucking train ever got me home.

All the actions that we take,
All the best attempts at making change,
They were never poor excuses for a drive at good intentions,
It was everything we could try to make,
It was everything we could do to change.

So I'll tear down your community,
I'll tear down all your friends,
If you really think that will make us better in the end.

Side sixty miles outside of town,
Climb on a fifty three and head back north bound,
Watch the light glow slowly start to fade,
It's a lack of unity pushing everyone away.
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Another Song About Never Going Home Lyrics

Captain Sparky – Another Song About Never Going Home Lyrics