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Reebok Commercial Part 1 Lyrics

Canibus – Reebok Commercial Part 1 Lyrics

I was made on an assembly line
My aero dynamic design
And my stitches were ahead of my time
I come in all assorted colors and dyes
Colors that attract eyes
And I'm defined by capital A. I.
Worn by the feet
Of the illest athletes to ever compete
And I'm worn by the kids on the streets
I keep you gripped to the ground
I'm the reason that people think you got style
The reason people "i love you iverson" - girls saying it
Shine to the croud
The reason fans see you and smile
The reason philly drafted you in the tryouts
The reason you just too quick to be fouled
And I'm probably the same reason you the leading scorer in the league
I'm the reason that you zig-zag-ziggin'
The reason that you got benjamins
And the reason that you bling blingin'
The reason that you the nicest
Wit the rock, andyou can't be stopped
(word? Who are you?)
The answer, from reebok!
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