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Rip The Jacker (LL Cool J Diss) Lyrics

Canibus – Rip The Jacker (LL Cool J Diss) Lyrics

Calling all dogs, calling all dogs, be on the lookout for a big homo
nigga with dimples and I'ma let ya'll know something, it ain't
Just start here
we've been playing on that ass since Jack The Ripper
and now it's time to rip the jacker)
No rapper can rap quite like I can
You know who the fuck I am,
I'm the Canibus man
I had to rock to a beat like this to show you
that I'm iller than the future, the present and the old you
and I told you, wish you could take it all back don't you
'bout to smoke some cannibis, but canibus smoked you
Callin yourself the greatest is something you don't do
cuz after I humiliate you, what would the goat do
You can't rap or act my main man
You'll end up as an intern working for Def Jam
See you was never bad enough to battle with canibus
You outa luck, I crushed you the minute I got???? Tatted up
and every lie you told just added up
cuz you wasn't man enough to be fair
but I'm mad as fuck and I've had enough
Jack the Ripper, I'ma rip the Jacker
rape a rapper with a classic from his own masters
You're Dead!
???? Ain't with you. ???? On my team.
He told us everything. Niggaz can get you anywhere. Gawd!
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