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Some Bars Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Some Bars Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I used to rap off swaggy tracks, that's how I got a buzz
Now I be out in LA, where these bitches show me love
I still be rollin’ up, they play my shit up in the club
Shit, and even if they don't, we just bought a pound of smoke
First they thought I was a joke now they give me my respect
That means that your girl came through and gave me long neck
Back when I was high school, never passed a fucking test
Smoking weed up in the locker room, some shit I don't regret
Genuine rap-spitter, unborn snap-hitter
When I’m finished laying flows I'm taking baby out to dinner
I ain't never been a quitter
Eat her pussy when I hit her
But I think this chick a bird 'cause I met her on Twitter
Doin' tours, gettin' blazed up
Spotify plays' up
The YouTubes' good man, shoutout to the FaZe bros
People switched up, but that never really fazed us
Left the fuckin’ deal, now I’m gettin' all my cake up
’Cause see the first minute that you doubt me? That's your biggest mistake
When I'm in a hearse don't think about me, play that shit in my wake
I always knew that music was some shit that no one could take
That’s why I'm writing all these songs, 'cause no matter how long
That I live or I die, Imma be here forever
And all these verses that I wrote, it's all some personal letters
I'm moving in and out of consciousness on seventy edibles
So I might be rapping good, I might be incredible, I don't know
But I'm sticking to the script like it's tape
And if it looks good, I don't give a fuck if it's fake
I want the crib in Calabasas, fuck a crib out LA
And they should call me young Elon, I'm goin' to space
Everyday, every minute, if I'm rappin then it's written
Only do a freestyle if I'm drunk or I'm kiddin'
Workin' out like Jason Witten, rollin' tight ends
The best times is when you don't know how the night ends
No matter what, I'm gonna surround myself with good friends
And keep a hundred joints rolled, we ain't never gettin' old
Yeah, haha
Lamp City
The Life, yeah
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