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Alexa Freestyle Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Alexa Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, Lamp City

The lonely rapper kid, is on and off tobacco spliffs
Hoping I'm the sacrificial master, hits come after this
Reminiscing at the risk, I ain't living average
My GDP is massive, shit, you see me with the baddest chick
Back when I was trafficking, as if, so smoke the swagger shit
Too emotional, I'm in my head, I can't combat the shit
Selects to take the pain away, Alexa, what's my plan today?
Sit around and cope, fell off the rope and I'll just fade away
Somewhere between a good guy, and an evil one
My dad called up, "Cam, I seen a gram, I don't believe in drugs"
My own brother robbed me, why the fuck should I believe in love?
Said the shit directly, I don't tweet it, I don't need to sub
Hollywood parties got cocaine on the plate
They ask me if I want a bump, I said "I'm definitely straight"
Most of these rappers lying about all of the drugs that they take
And kids gon' do it in their town and be like "damn this shit great"
But they don't understand the struggles with addiction, I've seen
Autobiography the range, colour? dipped it in green
The last thing I'm tryna do is go be out on the scene
I'm meditated, thinkin' bout how I can push up the stream
Yeah, the smokes faded so my visions got clearer
I feel like the battle that I have is lookin' straight in the mirror
She said "I love you Cam", but I act like I don't even hear her
We scrollin' through the 'gram, and all that does is make us inferior
Feel like I got the weight of the world
And when I die just keep my jewelry on, look out for my girl
I got it tattooed on my body, only God gonna' judge me
So I'm just chillin' 'til my time comes, sippin' this bubbly
Don't give a fuck, if they love me or they hate me, I'm cool
And I'm 'bout to go on tour and call it Lamp City Reunion
I'm doing everything I want, I just said I'm gone do it
And now I'm freestylin' off the top, I don't know how to do this
I'm just foolish, my brain complicated like a Rubiks
I'm just waking up and drinking Starbucks, I got two chicks
Comin' over later, I'm gon' hit it like a pool stick
Stuck inside my mind, I think I'm lost, I need a toothpick
I mean a picklock, I promise when this shit drop
I'ma be the biggest in the game, seen me on TikTok?
Girls lip lock, I'm smokin' out the zip lock
The life of Cam Meekins 'gon get it when that shit drops

She's gonna change
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