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Home Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Home Lyrics

Tell me won't you tell me
Where did we go wrong
Thinking bout the past
You will never go far
Miscommunications we can be so dumb
Tales and tribulation
Help write these songs for you
I'll go these roads walk slow so cold
Inside no home I'm lost take me home

[Verse 1: Cam Meekins]
When the lights from all these shows on the road turn off
And the texts from people I don't know seem to fall off
Can I count on you to be there to support me mentally
Remember that time when we were 17 and this was all a dream
I'm thinking back about it
When I go back to my home town I still ride around by myself
And I know that you still down
Riding past your house just thinking bout if this was different
If I just went to college and got a job like all the kids did
But that was crazy to me I had to make you believe
And in order to do that I had to pick up and leave
And saying that I was perfect
And got some dirt on my sleeve
And I can probably try and work on it but I was naive
I get caught up on all these fake people I have to concede
And I'm so far away from Boston I just went overseas
I know its worth it though
Cause no great relationship is ever perfect yo
Yeah, ya'll know
But when I see you after traveling for months
You ask me whats new in my life I tell you really nothing much
It's cause I'm on my grind to get it and just bring it back to you
And when they ask me why I do it's cause I have to


[Verse 2: Cam Meekins]
Yeah, I know its crazy but I still miss the idea of you
But writing songs about you for 5 years and never hear from you
I got a lot of people trynna pull me in directions
I'm thanks full for my past and I'm still trynna make this happen
Most of them won't get it
But the therapy inside these stories help me live it (live it)
Lets get it
I've been on the road for 90 days
And yeah I know the grind it pays
But is it worth it the time it takes
Away from those I'm trynna save
Missing with that coffee talk
Replacing it for that cocky talk
Mistakes with girls when I'm on tour
And then act like it's not my fault
Through it all you stuck it out
Even though I'm not around
The first to ever hold me down
So I'm just trying to make you proud


[Cam Meekins Girl]

Cam! Whats up?
We're listening to "Just To Be Wrong"
And I'm trying to prove to one of my buddies
That my voicemail is in this song
But he doesn't fucking believe me
So I was trying to call you so you can prove it to him
But I'm leaving you a voice mail instead
So yeah alright call me back when you get this k bye

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