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Headlights Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Headlights Lyrics

I was seventeen when I had made my way to the city
Fresh off of graduation man it sure wasn't pretty
Immature, malnurished, or heavenly sent
Selling weed, doing small gigs to pay for the rent
She was a college girl someone that I used to mess around with
I was using her, every move was so astounding
I didn't know better when we talked she could relate
So I kept her on call, only hit her up late
Wasn't a good person gotta keep it real with myself
Now I'm older and I realize I needed some help
Keep manipulating people, how good can you feel
What does it really mean to be keeping it real
Now you hating on me when all I speak is the truth
Man I just plant that seed trying to get back to my roots
Why would I jeopardize my life and let it all go to waste
You just as ignorant as muthafuckers calling me gay
Wake the fuck up and stop livin in prejudice
I know some gay parents who surely raised plenty of better kids
Than alot of you
Fuck rap I'm just a human being
And all these other rap youngin's they just my students please
I ain't askin' you for much
And since we're on the subject
My rhymes are like your girlfriend she hasn't cum yet
I ain't tryin to save the world yet
I'm trying to survive, trying to e-scape my lows
By chasing some highs
When you realize your selfish ways are bringing you down
Try to better your life stop fucking around
This is for the kid around the corner rollin a L
Or that kid living life through a text in his cell
Now they lookin at me to bring some positivity
When all I see is broken systems and responsibiltiy
And on the other side of this you wanna see us succeed
While painting your view of success in everything that we read
Trying to clean my soul but everytime that I bleed
I see so many things wrong that I can't even breathe
I can't even breathe
I can't even breathe
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