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Gone (Reprise) Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Gone (Reprise) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Cam Meekins]
I told her imma be a, nice lover
Right cause I love her
Fight with each other seen bright with each other
Pains in my head break lights I discover
We both was depressed we was nice for each other
Right for each we had nights with each other
Where we never even realized our lives were each others
Listen to her heart no lights under covers
I fucked up, drinking every night just because and..

I just wish, I just wish for the days when I was younger
Cause I don't even know what we did last summer
Everybody was looking at me and there was nothing wrong
And I search for the feeling to find it was gone gone gone

Everything we had was gone, so I just want you to have this
Everything I said was wrong, but I hope you can manage
We had so many dreams and hopes but, we could never plan it
So I just sit late night and think fuck, aw shit goddamnit

[Versee 2: Cam Meekins]
I told her imma change
I told her everyday imma change
Pain when she walked out
My phone never rang
Same when I call back but
She ain't never played any message that I left
I was sitting in the rain
Claimed that I came get it right for you girl
I'll sit here and take my own life for you girl
Everything I did was never right for you girl
You the only girl who knew what It was like for me girl

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