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Coffee Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Coffee Lyrics

If you just put water in coffee does it work?

[Verse 1]
I tell you straight up, I got a real thing for you
I saw you with your friends
And I was like, I dunno what to do
We took a shot at Casamigo's
I had to tough it out cause I really hated tequila
But it feel like nothing now
Because this love that I feel, is crazier than crazy
Sometimes I dunno what I did to get your ass to date me
Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it's just the energy
I messaged you six months ago like
"Yo, you wanna be friends with me?"
And you curved that shit, but I'm persistent and I stuck with it
And when I met you that night at the bar we kissed within five minutes
And ooo that shit was sweet
Sweeter than your coffee that I get you every morning
Even tho sometimes you exhaust me, it's in a good way
Cause we having so much fun
We traveling we on the run girl I swear you the one
I often write about the shit that hurts me
But this time I'm writing about the shit that works for me

Everyday I get her coffee in the afternoon
Only time we waking up when it's after two
Last night we got stoned with nothing to do
She said I got a lotta love and it's just for you
Another day of skipping class cause she hates her school
I'm always tryna mess it up but she keeps me cool
Last night we drank wine with nothing to do
She said I got a lotta love and it's just for you

[Verse 2]
The sweetest love is when the past doesn't matter
And when we young it always ends in disaster
But we from the same neighborhood she live two towns away
So girl if you down today I wanna take you on a date
I'm on some real shit, whatever I say I mean it
We out in the East Village, cause your apartment you never clean it
And we getting stoned discussing life
Sometimes I feel a little lost but when we chillin, everything is alright
And even though you take up all my closet space
And you didn't let me bring weed to your mom's place
I still love you
Taking trips you always pack extra, and I pack too light
So you the yin to my yang
And when there's darkness you the light
I'm tryna write you something to show you how I feel
It probably won't do it justice but I still keep it real
And one thing's for sure, Imma always be true
Through the good times and bad times I'm still here for you

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