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Band-Aid Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Band-Aid Lyrics

She had coffee colored eyes, never wore lipstick
Boxed me in her thighs, never swore think quick
For tips she wore a low cut, so what?
Flow-nuts fell in love, she was sweeter than a donut
Oh but so emotional, got so boxed me in the top flow
Outting in my sea now
Taking me around to places I don't want to be now
Know she understand this she just got me on the rebound
Parents got her stressin about a college degree
Rich girl so she got to go to college for free
Told her there was no such thing as college for me
Then I went and peeled off in a new M3
Psych, I'm just a writer, occasional sample-biter
Nobody get her hyper cuz she wetter than a cider
Scared of love, spiders
3 Am fighter
She bout to blow up, I think I might ignite her
So, it's horrible to have a convo you don't wanna have
When good things go bad you gotta do the math
Cut it off like band-aid, can't play with another heart
Shoulda listened to my man sayin: don't do it
You shoulda never got involved, now I'm sittin here in my thoughts
Tryna get lost, sometimes you just gotta make decisions
And do what's best for you, ah fuck it I'm just spittin

They say don't ever mix friends and business
You can see quick how cloudy the vision gets
Everybody got a homie that was your good friend till money got involved
Now you down to your wit's end
I'm thinking like, we gotta plan homie
Why you never did stuff
Blaming him, but it's me who gotta step up
Workin hard, people really wanna feed off you
It's all good, Imma see you when I see you dude
It's never easy making hard decisions
But Dead-weight is dead weight, not even kiddin
You can waste your whole life not cutting people off
Getting wasted all night til they cutting you off
But Me, I got a dream
And me I got a team
Working harder than these mother fuckers
That's behind the scenes, so now I'm finna get it
And When they look surprised, tell em sucker fuckin did it
And look me in my eyes
If your label ain't pushin you to push it yourself
If your partner ain't pushin you, then find someone else
Everybody's real quick to sit around and complain
But nobody stands up and does something about it, main
I'm just hopin this inspires the kids
Relationships and business, it's all the same shit
I Roll me up a joint and sit back and reflect
Say peace to the people and the past that I left

Look man, I know a lot of you probably goin through the same shit
Sitting there with people who are cancerous to your life
Right next to you on your left and your right

And it's not easy to make that decision to just cut people off
And just keep on moving I'm telling you, but don't be soft
You gotta do this man I'm telling you, you got this
And I'll be there to get you
Cuz If you got a dream, you got something your working towards
And people don't understand your values and your vision
If they're not helping you get to where you need to be
Then they're not worth being around in the first place, ya know what I'm sayin?
Don't lose sight of the fact that you know what's best for yourself, man
You gotta just keep doing you
And believe in yourself
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