Say what you will, love
What have you wanted to say to me for so long?
You're anything but delicate
Jeers won't offend me
My ears won't pretend to not hear
What I have always done wrong

So baby

Say what you will, love
It might be smooth, and it might be rough
Your words are only sounds
They come around
They go to town
They bring me down
Then I drown them in my half-empty cup

The most beautiful sound that I have ever heard
Doesn't even come close to being your words

Say what you will, love
Everything is just colours separated by light
I can't deny you your sight
But you see what you want and it won't be long before you think that you're right
So open your eyes to the truth of the thing
It's got nothin' to do with acts and intermissions and scenes
You poor delusional man
I try to do what I can
But still, I'm losin' you inside of the screen

The most beautiful thing that I've seen in this life
You can't understand 'cause you've made yourself blind

Walk where you will, love, it won't be long before you trip over the one thing that's not in your way but somehow you still manage to stumble upon

An untamed, unwritten girl
She paints her own line it's unstraight, unnarrow, unraveled and curled
And in your straight-up, psychiatric certainty, you're sure she's gonna ruin your whole world

So, go if you want, love
I might just be crying in your tracks
But most likely not
So if it makes you feel better
When she asks you can tell her that I still want you back
You're always good at that lie
All your life, love
Say what she wants to hear
Play on her biggest fears
Manipulate her tears and give us your grand finale
And just stand back and tally your ovation
So dear, I think you'll find there will be no-one standing in here
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Grand Finale Lyrics

Callie Moore – Grand Finale Lyrics

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