Hello child
Welcome to this world
You've arrived
With two feet, two hands and two eyes
Is what you see a surprise?

You're soft and you're innocent
You are pure and you're heaven sent
I hope that you're sure
Just what it is that you're in for

Your feet will learn to move in different strides
And your hands will start to raise toward the skies
And your eyes will open wide

And then you'll see the reason why I burst at the seams
And I rent my clothes because there's only extremes
There's no grey anymore
The mob wants your soul, they'll either take it or not

They'll either take it or not

All you high and powerful ones of the earth
You have all been granted by earth
The invaluable decision to do whatever you will

Will you kill all the innocent ones?
Will you invent your own religion?
Will you give them your guns?
Will you teach them it's a privilege to stand in front of your ranks?
Will you scream? Will you rage? Will you hate?
Will you transmit your voice on satellite with all the images that wake us in the middle of the night?
Will you rule this world in horror and fright?

Or will you see it all and burst at the seams?
Will you rent your clothes because there's only extremes?
There's no grey

And innocent child, what would you die for?
You must decide before it gets too late
Because war doesn't have a time to wait

And little boy why are you crying?
Just wipe your tears and pick yourself up
Because that's not what a soldier does

Hello child
And welcome to your life
You never thought that it'd be such a fight
To survive and just be alright

Take your feet and run the most enduring stride
Use your hands to lift someone towards the sky
With your love, please open their eyes

So they can see the reason why we burst at the seams
And they'll rent their clothes because there's only extremes
There's no grey anymore
There's no grey anymore
There's no grey anymore
There's no grey anymore
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Burst Lyrics

Callie Moore – Burst Lyrics

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