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Talking Smack Lyrics

Cali Agents – Talking Smack Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Rasco]
Ah, ah, ah, ha, ha, ah, yes son,
You are now rockin with the best
Straight from the west
Gunnin for the chest

Ey yo we gets tracks crackillin
C to the a 1, the grand imperial son
Fuck where you from, from the golden
Exactly how much money is you holdin
Is it yours? Can you make everybody on the floor keep movin
Only runnin with the proven
What we like, never fuck with weak types
It's been two years now it's time for me
And Planet As(Asia) to kick rhymes never showin the signs
Never gettin too old for this, sometimes we too cold for this
They light up then they roll to this
Just bring me a fifth of the yak
Give me a pad and a pen and then load the track and step back
You know I'm still talkin the smack
For the lack of a better word, your style's for the birds
We eat 'em up and spit 'em out
The type of niggas that you see in the show go home
And straight up forget about
I'm never turning my back on those
Just because he got doe and like sixteen hoe's
I like myne's sixteen bars bangin heavy and hard
I wip his ass in his own front yard
Sometimes I fold their card and then shuffle the deck
You fools better show some god-damn respect
I drop line for line and ain't never came weak
These cats get deals and now they're too big to speak
The pipe's still springin the leak
But I can close that up, shut it off and have that shit backed up
It's the c to the a, you know how we do
You lookin for us? Bring your whole damn crew

Chorus x2
We can go line for line and track for track
We be keepin it underground and never came wack
You know we still talkin the smack
It's the c to the a you get your wig pushed back

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