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Good Life Lyrics

Cali Agents – Good Life Lyrics

Give me my money!

[Planet Asia talking]
We gettin' paper on this one..."Aoooowww"
Underground niggaz gettin' money
"The good life"...and ya dont stop

[Planet Asia]
Ay yo we first class
Vergin' splurgin' mergin' with professionals
Soul food fanatics all be strung out on my vegetables
Mic merchants meditate on it til it's visual
To what I believe in even if the situation's critical
We chop slang like equipment
So here's another shipment, a dosage of atomic liquids
We live the good life similar to the way we always come thru
Fresh fitted like we did it and we wake up when we want to
Always hungry for the work we get
Filter the scheme out for the cream
Like ain't a such thang like strikin' it rich
Connectin' big checks
Back in the days we used to do the disco
Now we highly recognized thru representin' L.A. to Frisco
It's Cali Agents, we came to bost ya high
Some days for nothin' you can catch me rockin' suits and ties
Fresh off the global tour I'm on retour
Rippin' tracks until it's triple plat
Than it's back to the hood to make sure I'm supprorted

[2x Chorus Rasco
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Songwriters: SHAKUR GREEN
Good Life lyrics © Royalty Network Music Publishing Ltd.

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