I don't want to fight anymore with my brother
I want every face that I see to be a friend
I'm so tired of hustling and hurting each other
Why don't we all take part and start a new happiness trend?

Why all the drama and noise? It's exhausting
Using our words to beat each other to death
Taking each chance to advance our own lives
At each other's expense
Only looking out for number one
I'm so over that mess

It's time, it's time to find a new way to do what we've been doing
It's time, it's time to make the best out of this mess
That me and you call life
It's on us, so let's take a step back, relax and quit the fussin'
It's time to forgive, it's time to forget, most of all it's time for love.

Spread the word, have you heard there's a fresh new movement arising
Of those like you and me who see this crazy life as being truly blessed
We respect, we connect we reflect on how to do somebody some good
We rise above what we can and just forget the rest


It's time it's time
So let's spend a while smiling for no reason
It's time it's time
Let's be a part of hope and finding something to believe in
Let's build some trust
This world's so broke, baby, it's on us yeah
Let's forgive, oh let's forget
Come on it's time for,

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Time For Love Lyrics

Calee Reed – Time For Love Lyrics