In my moments alone I ask, "why me?"
All the hospitals, doctors and tests
The endless uncertainty
Is a miracle too much to ask
When I've been faithful in the past?

How can I know what to do?
Lord, won't you show me direction?
Show me which path leads to hope
From this path that I'm on to self-destruction
Do my questions have answers?
Why has God hidden His face?
And why has He left me alone in my waiting place?

In his moments alone he asks, "why her?"
Why all the suffering and pain
When surely God has a cure?

Pleading each time he prays,
"Please stop testing my weakness this way."


As we beg for peace and trust in His love
We may not get the answers we want
But answers come pouring from heaven above
And He whispers 'Ђ"

You will know what to do
Just keep listening for direction
The path is yours to choose
Turn your heart where I beckon
Every question will be answered
So don't lose your faith
God is here waiting with you in your waiting place
You are never alone in your waiting place.
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The Waiting Place Lyrics

Calee Reed – The Waiting Place Lyrics