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Muppet Show Lyrics

Cage – Muppet Show Lyrics

An above view of Washington.. Resembles.. The Goat of Mendes..

I stay dipped with throwaway raps that feed cats
Enough brainwashed to shoot they mans in the back
But not enough to murder Congressmen, get
To do the Trilateral Commission with a Tec
Cause they pull strings of the seen government
Just like the Muppet Show and Jim Henson's the threat
But ya ain' even trying to hear that
Scream "Illuminati" and you not even illuminated, fact
It's not about races or the dollar bill packing
Manhattan island residents just need to start packing
Nobody's saving you from bullets, the rockets
All your prophets are high, and sweat in they pockets
"Death to the masses!", the Feds toast they glasses
You getting slaughtered like lambs
And you're enslaved to fascists
They're going to tell you aliens have got control
But that's a trick to take over the planet as a whole
One world, one order, one government
While you get gassed by flicks, they plotting at the summit
But fuck hearing knowledge - you prefer metaphors
There's no revolution, just a world with new laws
While you in the streets playing the ground like beat
I'll be in the mountains while the gas chamber's deep
Just wait around for death because the news is gonna air it
Don't be chickenshit conformists like your parents
We need to - shoot cops, and hang politicians
Concentrate divisions, concentrate your visions
Burn all the judges, and decision-makers
And bury all their bodies underground in Black-owned acres
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