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Lamb Of Nothing Lyrics

Cage – Lamb Of Nothing Lyrics

In the circle of hands
The dagger out was sacred
Placed into my hands over a virgin laying naked
When we learn how to harvest what we need it we will take it
Hip Hop should be on a table with a rape kit
Don't know what I was saying, but I'm lying
It was movies for the blind and
Spend a winter in hell a cold heart kept me from fryin
Departed from myself in a Fuck you society
I report to the daily new me to keep an eye on me
A cold world a lot of shit blowin steam off
I'm wide awake but I forgot to turn my dream off
If you speak against, you probably seem lost
War martyr crucified under a green cross
You could be Jim Jones or David Koresh
Be like L. Ron Hubbard just like Joseph Smith
Millions of people on Earth could follow a flying turd
Go tweet her, go get my dick sucked by a bird
More bio weapons enter my lungs soon
More like Alice to Cali then Sun Myung Moon
Up to no good like the night before Halloween
Put your fuckin mask on and follow me
Through the colony
Marijuana all in me
Still cold and evil
Throw your kids off a cliff like a golden eagle
Look manorexic all I need is a exit
I took a dump last night now I'm on some next shit
Took a dump last night now I'm on some next shit
Fucked a girl last night she might've been infected
Fucked a girl last night I coulda been infected
All because when I was a kid I was neglected
Bought a gun last night now I am protected
Bought a gun last night now I am protected
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