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If I Died Lyrics

BWC Hataz – If I Died Lyrics

If your listening to this then it's finally over
My luck shriveled and diminished like dead leaves on a clover
But I didn't take the easy road no fucking way
I toughed it out until the very last day.
If your listening to this then I'm saying I'm sorry
Everything happened so fast death was upon me
It was my time to go peace dog I gotta roll
Talk to you later sometime oh I really hope so.
But it never came true all the things we were to do
If I had another chance I would be serious with you but I don't
And I realize the fact that all the good times we shared they aint never coming back. It fills out my story as life of regrets
The opportunity was there but I didn't present
And if I died I would cry to my self
Because I left you all alone without any ones help
Standing there facing all the ungodly struggles
I really couldn't blame you if you ended all of your troubles
And if I died. This message if for you
I'm here for you homie and may your hart be true.

Noa-if I died
Gang-don't think about it, don't dream about it, just let is slide, and pray I don't die

The car crash, and that's where I lay people come vist me, day-to-day,
A harsh reality to compress your head,
When the head headlines read that b-cliff. Is dead?
So now that I died would the soljuhz still ride?
Mafia style and watch my soul souly fly,
What about our bump, your systems now sunk,
Vol. Zero so how you gonna front?
What about the bitches that I tried to love
Girl every minute with you is heaven double stuffed,
As I spit this now I wish you know who I meant
But would you front, and not aknowledge my death,
What about my mother who loved me every day,
Granted now fuck! She can't hear the words I say,
What about my boys, b(dub), joe, joey, and steve
Have to say goodbye to big snail realabarry-
It's no joke thou, I watch you from above
And seein' ya smile I can't get enough,
Now that I died it's all rainbows and stuff
My death stunned the rest who never gave a fuck...

All day in a box and shit never changed
I can see the walls around me but there always the same
And when I think about it I'm better off this
Way you can come and dig me up but I will choose to remain
If I died it's not a see you later
It's a heart felt good by don't call me alligator
If I died would you cry on my grave
And when I say I missed you I wish I could call your name.

What if I died, a phrase I can't hold
What if I never got the chance to grow old
No wife no life and I got no strife
In a tub of shame I'm chastised to write
What about the chances that I never took,
What about songs left without a hook,
What about the crowds without the pits
What about the chick I never kissed!

Rxc-just hold us close I'm sinking under
But don't let us dieeeeeee!
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