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Heavens Not For Druggies Lyrics

BWC Hataz – Heavens Not For Druggies Lyrics

My legs contracts, and my spine bends back,
The pills I swallow mixed with the coniak
Tipsy terver gettin' now blurry I can't cop tha gat,
Never thought that keepin' it real would affect the steel,
Can't feel coughin blood as they make
The tires squeeel my chest got peeled a toe-tag deal
Layin' dead the cold sets in I don't know what I'm
Standin' in I don't mean nothin' by it
But I need a klonopin my chopper (A. K.) are slobberin'
Start to feel my soul again, as I bleed out I
Yell out, can I win? Happy feely kinda elly,
Drippy drippy I'm feelin' iky, panic attack,
My minds outta wack and it all goes back to
The gat and the coniak, now my s***s stacked
Just a corpse to stack, face it get a basis,
Shoulda know that, or I wouldn't be wasted!

It's happenin', I'm panicin', don't know what
I'm standin' in, don't me nothin by it,
But I need a klonopin

I take a hill of pills to control my freak outs
Take them all at once and I'll nock my speech out
Let the beast out avoid police routs
Take another dose and my mind I'll peace out
Stumbling fumbling and my legs are crumbling
Bouncing into walls now the house is rumbling
Feeling thirsty it's the worst B nothing can hurt me
Grey Goose Mother Goose has come to nurse me
Now I'm really tripping brain waves are slipping
Environments dripping melting and I'm pissing
Digging threw my medicine cabinet
Momma had surgery vicadin she has it
Chop 'em up line 'em up here we go
I must have lost my mind blow it up my nose
Can't hear can't see can't feel the floor
If there is a limit to a high then I was at it b4
Hanging out my window must of lost my balance
Grass is coming fast hits me like a malice
Body lays smashed limp like a phallus
Do I see god but he locked his palace
Breathing in dirt as my muscles twitch
Blood outta my mouth my ears that's it
A slow black out gotta call it quits
Left wasted on the ground like a condom that ripped
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