Hello, Mr. Moonlight
So bright up above
I’m only a lonely dreamer
With no one to love
You listen to lovers
In their misery
Then old Mr. Moonlight, listen to me
I’m longing to claim to
A girl of my own
But I’m so alone

Please Mr. Moonlight
Help me find a love tonight

Be kind, Mr. Moonlight
Don’t laugh as I cry
There must be somebody somewhere
As lonely as I
Please help me to find her
I’ll give you a sign
Just look for a heart as lonely as mine

When you find her
When you find her
Won’t you bring her back to me
And I’ll prove by my devotion
That our love was destined to be
Yes, I’m waiting and I’m praying
Won’t you help me find her tonight
Make everything right
Please… Mr. Moonlight

Help me
Help me find a love tonight
Mr. Moonlight
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Hello, Mr. Moonlight Lyrics

Buzz Clifford – Hello, Mr. Moonlight Lyrics