This story was told to me
By an old seaman
Who lay in his deathbed
The story involves
A beautiful Tahitian girl
A wandering sailor
And a far off blue lagoon

I know my time
Is not long to last
For memories rush to me
From out of the past

But the one that stays
Most clear in my mind
Is the one of the girl
That I left behind

On the shores
On the shores
Of the blue lagoon

My ship docked at a port
Early one night
The stars in the heavens
Were twinkling bright
Shining down for my light
And me and the blue lagoon

She gave all of her love to me
This fair maid of Tahiti
But I was a wanderer destined to be
I left at dawn
And went back to the sea
Away from the blue lagoon

I've travelled far
Since that wondrous night
My life has been squandered
Nothing's gone right
And now as I lie
Here waiting to die
Her face appears
Once more before my eyes
She's calling me
She's calling me
Away to the blue lagoon
Blue lagoon
Come away
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Blue Lagoon Lyrics

Buzz Clifford – Blue Lagoon Lyrics