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To Be Broadcast Live Lyrics

Butchies – To Be Broadcast Live Lyrics

I'm looking out there at a world standing while it's asleep it'll make you wish you hadn't tried to be "so fucking great" now you're the one it wants to think I trusted you things will never be the same what's the are-E-V without some one who knows what's the are-E-V if you don't already know walk around downtown it's gorgeous here like where I came from I thought we had a moment I thought we had something but where are you now what's the are-E-V without someone who knows what it's like to cross over and go live it's already started to be broadcast we've made the front page ladies who's talking about us now I heard the TIMES would like an interview if you had to choose a leader who would it be and what would they do there are enough of us now do you care about us at all what's the are-E-V without conviction did you think we needed your permission what's the are-E-V stand for anyway what's the are-E-V-O-L-you to be there live it's 2/3rds over catch the last fight it just might be the best ten minutes of your life come here it's not close to over 'cause it's gonna last forever because it's live it's live it's live it's live

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