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Make Yr Life Lyrics

Butchies – Make Yr Life Lyrics

Were you looking for dimension
Did you come to see the show
Are you lost in your direction
Well I can't take you home
Were you asking for my phone # 666-1120
Did I look like I'd go anywhere
Any excuse to go
Is it any wonder I'm still the same
Is it any wonder I'm to blame
From the plane the ground looks water
In the woods with ticks and fawns
Am I bound by my neurosis
To never push beyond
Is what you want always with you
When you're drinkin' gin all night
Remember 4 years old
If you could be that kid tonight
Make your life
Make your life
Make your life souls and stars
Swimming with dogs and fish and sharks
Fake your fear fake face fake your fear
Make your life
Lemons and wine
Come with me come with me
All we need is
Everything everything everything
Is it any wonder I'm still to blame
Is it any wonder I'm the same
Do dududu do do dududu
Do do dududu do do

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