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The Butcher Lyrics

Butcher Babies – The Butcher Lyrics

I pull my hair at night, motherfucker
My dreams they swallow me whole
And take me to faraway places, places that I’ll never go
Where gangs of this faceless cry, so bloody eyeless red
They’re chasing after me
And I’m swimming in a poll of the blood they shed

It’s a fucked up time to be alive

It’s a fucked up way to get clean
And the bloods not stopping
It’s a fucked up thing to believe
But you better believe me

Shadows juxtaposed and raw
Paradox has become the law
Destruction comes our way
Everyone is lost not a one can be saved
Don’t mourn the quiet ones as they die
Laugh at the silencers
What will we learn when every human scream is heard?

Now I’m tasting every drop of blood that they bled for me
I’ll be burning every inch of skin that they gave to me
Now I’m consuming every twisted truth that they fed to me
I’ll be purging every fallacy they’ve injected into me

By the book of the butcher
I was meant to bring it to her
With the knife held strong and steady
The silence was so deafening
I could only hear Ed singing his praises
Of what he made me

This violence is golden a calming breath pre kill
Exhale as the knife cuts through the skin
Ed came to me to satisfy his dying wish
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