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Blood Soaked Hero Lyrics

Butcher Babies – Blood Soaked Hero Lyrics

Rise! Do you feel alive
Fight back for your life
See yourself scraping the mold off a dead old man’s face
Inside! The fear that we hide, the ending in sight
See yourself the face that reflects in the blade of a knife

Born to be a blood soaked hero
Raised to be a victim dying alone
Born to be an absolute sinner
Made in to a servant slave to a throne

I want to take this
I want to make this life
I want to take this
I want to make it mine

Pray! Cause its judgement day
You’ve wasted away
See yourself down on your knee
While you try to forget your crimes
A prison of light with scars on your eye
See yourself holding on like a thief in the night to your own life

It starts when you’re young and your insides don’t fit
They stitch you back up and say just blend in
Then you get old and your retinas rip, you breathe in the dark
As they peel back your skin
And living your dreams means you can’t pay your bills
And the worst thing of all were all terminally ill
Excuse me if I just don’t seem like myself
I’m still trying to deal back the card I’ve been dealt
Ingesting this meat makes me sick to my core
So I force it back up till I’m flaccid and torn

I could wake up but I don’t sleep
I could wake up but I just don’t sleep

Live in fear
You are so blind when you’re looking
To the hands of time standing still
This circle of life to be the kill
See yourself so afraid of death every shadow’s chasing you
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