Come back, baby, come back
Don't walk; run back
I don't wanna hear no talk back
So come back, baby, come back

I saw you downtown in the gutter, sucking on a stick of butter / you pathetic little creature
Come back, baby, come back

Happy happy monkey head I want you in my bed
Come back baby comeback
Comeback baby come back

I went to the doctor; he told me I was sick
Said you better come back, baby
Said you better kiss me quick
I fooled you once, I fooled you twice but
This time, baby, I'll be nice so come back, baby, come back...

Shimmy shimmy coco puff you know you ain't had enough
Come back baby come back, come back baby comeback

(hit me!)

Monkey! monkey! monkey! monkey!

I saw you downtown...

Come back, baby, come back...

Come back to me
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Come Back Lyrics

Buck – Come Back Lyrics