Cesare said "it's no joy to be undead, walking around in clothes that don't fit"
Shadows painted on a wall and I'm the biggest fool of all /
Giving everything for a taste of eternity

Cesare said "there's a cabinet for my bed; the shame of my desire holds the key" secret lives, butcher knives; a word of warning to the wise:
Beware of what you wish for if what you wish is me

I feel nothing; call me cold
In a trance I'm dancing on your grave

Killing time; memory unwind
I sleepwalk through the darkness and the day
Dream revenge without an end; go to hell and back again nothing
Ever changes and nothing stays the same

I feel nothing; locked away
In a trance I'm dancing on your grave

If I could get to the other side and stay there I'd be fine

I feel nothing; call me cold...

I feel nothing; locked away...
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Cesare Said Lyrics

Buck – Cesare Said Lyrics