My be some lecage in my clique some niggaz
Den ran up in my shit forced to use the 4 fifth
Leaven um layin in old 8 english piss got me all
Stressin and sicc pickin up bodies and draggin um
Body baggin um tryna get it all done befor the wagin
Come stashin um a put the scarface on the tv
Put the volume up to 10 and a half that way when the
Police come alpachino bust a cap I got away with
The killin it was self defence I had to rince niggas
Off the hallway walls yellin like a physco when I
Pulled it I was cuttin every bullet plenty of full
Clips fuck um feed um gut tips got a tool kit fill
Um kill um up shit I puttin niggas on the ground
Wit it fuck niggas who aint down wit it they could
Hit the back door see imma hand this I'm scandles
Like a preacher teacher if I gotta trip imma heat ya
Meat ya I swear I'm seriuos herious feriuosly hittin
Chest place I hitt the niggas up quick and had it all cleand
Up by the next day cause.
I was shootin through the hallways tryna hit every thing in sight
Thinkin in my mind I knew this shit could happen
One night gotta hit that one left then I hit that one right now
I'm in the room loadin up the y cleff quite steps click click
Boom nigga what you doin here don't you know I got
Kids see hold up he aint dead yet one mo to the
Ribs I'm tryna give body parts to relative like nigga you
Don't get it it cut when it did it nigga nuts and guts
Splitt when I did it.

[Verse 2:]
Night after night I had another thought of distructin until this evening
Couldn't believe they ran up in my home wit the heat buckin my babies
Watchin it front row seated with the crome to my neck mama no
Pain right know but later on dow
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Manision Mysteries Lyrics

Brotha Lynch Hung – Manision Mysteries Lyrics