Niggas in Sacramento don’t want it with me
Tuckin’ a fifty cal get me now I’m 5150
I bet a nigga won’t try me I like to fry em up
Wine em up, bring em in front of me I’ma dye em up
I put his nuts in a bag and send it to mommy
And have her yellin’ what's in the bag, I’m a tsunami
Niggas attackin’ my label get wrapped in a cable
I’m back in the stable and I’m killin’ crackin’ an aggo, rrr
Madass, badass everybody be wanting to have that, na that
Giving em something to stab at, yeah that
I’ma be hunting their ass fat, brat brat
I’ma be something to deal with, real shit
See the only way I eat is if I kill shit
Me and Tech and Hopsin goin’ to pop em
Put em right in the lake hey don’t drop them

Niggas about to get stabbed, grrr
Niggas about to get stabbed, rrr (x4)

[Tech N9ne:]
He said he wanted
K. O. D.
To come do this

People don’t feel me I think I’m really Micheal Myers
You think it's silly not giving a fuck until this psycho fires
When I go higher you said to me, why so you need a rifle, sire?
My pillies to kill ya man I’m illing to snipe your eye out
Light your fire, leave us, now he’s after Jesus
Happy Holidays, I’m...
Oh what a teaser, he was not a bleeder
But you need to believe that I feed, I’m eager, ha ha
Yeah I heard what he said
He ain’t able to spit another verse when he dead
Burnt a nigga, served him the curb and they bled
With Bourbon, I swervedi put his hearse in the bed, cha cha
Yeah, you niggas gotta be kidding me not even hitting me
Bout to get your bodily stiff and they ought to be kissing me ass bad
That’ll be sad, cause the nigga about to get stabbed

Why do they persist Lynch?
When they know that we’ll kill them all

Niggas about to get stabbed, grrr
Niggas about to get stabbed, rrr (x4)

I was brought up as a man that loved to laugh, greeting everybody with a handshake, until I
Built a fanbase now I gotta deal with groupie niggas I run into every damn day, rampage
I swear to god I hope I don’t leave a niggas rib cracked
How the fuck did they find out where I live at
Motherfuckers all up in my business every minute
When I be chillin’ with women they be comin’ up tryin’ to chit chat, get back
Ooh shit what the fuck did I get into
No autographs I’m trying to chill with my friends dude
You don’t surround me I can’t move
Can’t you see I’m trying to get to my vehicle please let the man through
I ain’t feelin’ no sorry, I
Finna to go hit up my nigga Lynch I’ma borrow a knife
And startle the lives of anybody bugging me
I don’t know if I’ma kick em or cut em it's hard to decide
I’ma start to devise a method of deadly weapons
No question about it, you run up
Then you gon to get a fight
Go step in the ring if you fools dare to
You gonna second guess on taking a picture with me cause you’re to scared too

Alright, alright hold up my nigga
What's up man
You that nigga hop right
White contacts, skate wanna skateboard
Hey I gotta go real quick
Can I get a picture of you
Na man, get the fuck, get the fuck out of my face

Niggas about to get stabbed, grrr
Niggas about to get stabbed, rrr (x4)
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Stabbed Lyrics

Brotha Lynch Hung – Stabbed Lyrics