Breaking down defences
All I can see
Mass destruction all around me
Mass destruction all around of me
There's a war in my head
They won't let me sleep
My nerves are shot, my head's a mess
There's a war inside of me
They're kicking down the walls trying to find me
They think I'm already dead
But they want to take me down, drills in my head
Faces I recognise, it's the enemy within
Sick mother-fuckers, please don't let them in
Please don't fuck with my head, stop
Stop the world, I want to get off
Too many people want what I've already got
I've gotta break out before it's too late
The elusive conflict, fucking escalates
Chaos takes over
It's the enemy within
You think you've got me
But I'm one step ahead
Don't be too sure
I ain't got the cure
Just leave me alone
Leave me alone
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Jacob's Ladder Lyrics

Broken Bones – Jacob's Ladder Lyrics