I've got a feeling inside me
Something's gonna happen
Something good, something should
Out on the highway
Last Saturday night
I got someone in my headlight
He could have moved
But he didn't
He could have moved
I had to hit him
There's a maniac loose
(On the highway)
Yeah, a maniac loose
He lying hopeless, smashed up
He cannot move, he cannot get up
I stuck it in reverse, hit the pedal
Now, if he ain't dead
He's a fuckin' cripple
Laughing with the Devil
He's on my side
He knows what I'm all about
He won't turn me in because
I made a deal with him
I got my food down hard
Pedal to the metal
They won't catch me
I ain't going to the state penitentiary
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Maniac Lyrics

Broken Bones – Maniac Lyrics