I'm Hollyhood
Arrogant. Don't I look good?
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe (ohhh)
Diva, taking pics
Such a queen, checkerboard lipstick
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe (ohhh)

See Bri? I'm a dope model
Drop down, coke bottle
Love Pink, red bombshell
Dukes on my bottom, red long heels
S** symbol, should be on Jimmy Kimmel
'Bout to change my name, Prince symbol
In the club with the d boys
E clap, please boy
Yo it's suicide, they O. D
I'm a knockout, kod
Baby I'm the shit, toilet's stopped up
And I don't stink, I'm a show stopper
Pretty Girl Rock, call it Keri Hilson (2x)
Fontainbleau, we gon' do the Hilton
Pretty girl Bri, bitch I'm worth a zillion


[Verse 2:]
I'm goin' blonde, I think I'm Marilyn
So I bought mo'- Marilyn
S*** me, friend requests keep blowin' up
Paparazzi snappin' while my dress keep blowin' up
Shake my jelly, french mani-pedi
Peyton Manning to the game, [?] raiding panties
Had a twerk team since I was 13
Now I'm 20, got them boys all thirsty
Where yo' cup? Hold it up
Let's toast to the bread that they throwin' up
He say I'm the greatest of all time
He say I'm the finest of all fine
Got male groupies who say she all mine (2x)
These ain't giuseppes, that's what I call blind
You gettin' more paper than me? That's what I call lyin'


Marilyn Monroe
The money fast, but she shake her ass slow
She white girl with it, get the cash flow (2x)
Better be the best dressed when we get to the club
Black shades on my eyes, you can't even see her
Now you see me on your iPad, holdin' Bri up
While you showin' all yo' homies like "damn, you see her?"

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Marilyn Monroe Lyrics

Brianna Perry – Marilyn Monroe Lyrics

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