I can tell she like me cause she dropped it and say
Baby it’s go-o-o-o-d, go-oh-oh-oh-od, go-oh-oh-oh-od
I love how it good but it’s hood good
Good, good, good, good
So good, in stokers, with a body looking like miss parker
That bindess, my author, she now cuffed in posters
You hang me up in your locker, you check me out, you doctor
So fly, wanna swatter, when you spot her
Money team like I could have been a boxer
Talk dirty to me on voxer
Need a bad boy with a chopper
But I’m a good girl talk proper
Beeny haunt, stay for the lobster
Love it, love it, love it when you need it
Cause I really mean it, I repeat it
Pick stitch him so conceeded
Tell that other chick she so not needed
I know she can’t leave me alone
And I can’t wait to see how low she can go
I love her
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Good Lyrics

Brianna Perry – Good Lyrics