We took you in as a friend
We were always true to the end
But when we turned our backs
Out came this verbal attack
Now that you've raised the fuss
Your judgement's passed on to us
From friend you've turned to foe
Now I'll rip through you, like a tornado

You betrayed our trust
You posed as one of us
Then we confronted you
And you blew with the dust
But now I am the wind
And it's my turn to blow
No time to watch your back
I'm gonna rip through you, like a tornado

You think you've got the power
But you're nothing but a stinking coward
You tried to play me as a sucker
Kiss the curb motherfucker
Cause now the damage is done
You're once again on the run
But no matter which town you go
I'll whip through you, like a tornado
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Tornado Lyrics

Bound For Glory – Tornado Lyrics