The Kremlin disrupts, the war erupts
In the land of one thousand lakes
Twenty below, deep in the snow
The Mannerheim line will not break
All men to the front, with precision they hunt
Slaughtering reds like wild boar
Fire at will, till the battlefield's still
Littered with corpses, T-26's ripped and tore

Freedom for the land, winter war
Molotov in hand, winter war
Red army on it's knees, winter war
Karelia will be freed, winter war

Men on skis, in the arctic breeze
Breaking the red armies back
Standing in defiance to an unwanted alliance
Telling the Kremlin to shove their pact
They would not bend, they'd fight till the end
Against Stalin and his army of zion
So vastly outnumbered, still they thundered
Showing the world the might of the lion

(Repeat Chorus)
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Winter War Lyrics

Bound For Glory – Winter War Lyrics