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Arachnophobia Lyrics

Born Without Bones – Arachnophobia Lyrics

I'm so far away from all of you. from the things you say, the things you do. I'm the only one who can tie my shoes, I'm the youngest son, I'll show you the bruise. we don't see him anymore, where did he go? he's locked in his room, locked in his tomb. when the fireflies begin to burn, you'll all laugh, point and turn

He sits alone, reads his endless books of ships and sails, thieves and crooks. the binding is winding down. find me now, try me now. they slowly spin their webs as a simple joke, then he ends up dead. he's dead. we're so close but growing farther from the truth. the distance between me and you

You're not my friends so lay me here. the table bends the story ends right here. I have nothing left inside of me. everything is on these lines of what I've come to be. these strings have heard more words than you'll ever know. these stupid things, these stupid strings are all I know. and I don't know you, you don't know me, just leave me alone

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