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Say Hello Lyrics

Born Without Bones – Say Hello Lyrics

Someone's throwing stones at my window
I know that face but I can't recall their name
As I climb down my roof I slip and fall
Sometimes I feel that I feel nothing at all

Say hello

Well my best friend has never been much of a friend
I feel like he walks through every door that I open
His smile is a disappointing reflection of who he used to be
His feet are inside my shoes, and I think he's finally getting to me

Say hello

Well i've got a girl whose looks could really kill
But I think my heart may be too empty to fill
I feel like such a disappointment to her
I'm a lover and she's just another girl

Say hello

Misery you're killing me
Tell me why I can't be happy
Nothing lasts why bother try?
Everything sucks and then you die
I'll never hear another sound
As I live my life underground
I'll never know what you wanted to say
You never wouldve said it anyway

It's all the same

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